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Black & White Photography




Black & White Photography has been the thing I have been working on the most in the last couple years.  I always feel like B&W is more challenging because the absence of color increases the importance of compositional elements.  Often the colors of an image can carry a less than perfect composition.  Not so with B&W.

I guess I group B&W into a few categories.  The first category is high contrast images with very black blacks and bright whites.  The second category is low contrast.  An example of low contrast would be foggy day images.  The third and fourth category would consist of low-key images and high-key images respectively.

One of the biggest tips I could give anyone trying to improve their own B&W skills would be to keep the image simple and clutter-free.  I often see images that just have too much going on.  In B&W, less is more.  A very strong subject and few supporting accents make the most compelling B&W.

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